My Treassured Possession

Thought that this might be something worth publishing here too ; )

This is a very difficult question at issue. Not whether I do not have any, nor there is trouble finding one. More likely, there are too many to choose from. After a bit of troubleshooting, the answer was one of the most casual objects in life. Although, I would never prefer materialistic possession before spiritual happiness, therefore this a more diffuse property.
There is no certain story behind this object, and there is no way I would remember how it became mine. I have followed this piece of furniture throughout out mine, and its whole life, contemplated it being worn out precisely like me, getting older for each day that pass. I saw it the first thing in the morning and the last thing before I fell asleep, but not anymore. Unfortunately my mother exchanged it when the room was rebuilt, however it is stored in a box, down the cellar. Of course this relationship is individual, since I was the only user of it, although, in my present state of mind I can do well without this possession, but I know that it is down there. Maybe that is why there are no sad feelings. Maybe that is why no one would ever choose to speak of this kind of object, since it is so common in ones life. No one really mind to care about it.

To narrow down a little more, this is a piece of furniture, a small object that one could easily carry. It is decorated with tiny teddy bears, up to different things. One of them is playing with building blocks, and another is driving a red toy sports car with its hand. All characters are of different color and size. The article itself is shaped like half a circle from above, and as a rectangular from straight ahead, much in the same way as a horses trough put on its side.

To conclude, after all years, I have grown a custom to this adorable, beloved and picturesque little night lamp. It influenced my nightmares during my first years as a boy, and shows up in my present dreams as the most nostalgic possession I have ever owned so far. This is the small piece of furniture that lightens up any days, as well as nights.


By Me

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coolt och fint! :)

men du tror inte att det kan bli lite misstförstånd med: "during my first years as a boy..." :P

2010-02-08 @ 17:49:19

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